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Our ethos

leafy-park-avenuePut simply, trees are vital to our well being and should enjoy the highest standards of care & management. Increasingly, the urban landscape is being paved over raising levels of summer heat, preventing adequate rainwater drainage, increasing noise & dust, raising stress levels, and eroding our enjoyment of the environments we live in. Trees and tree cover are now seen as vital elements in strategies to combat climate change and reduce the effects of urban ‘heat islands’. Trees break up urban landscapes, screen unsightly views, provide cooling summer shade, intercept rainwater, preserve soils, absorb carbon dioxide, ozone & nitrous oxides, and intercept air borne particulates. They provide valuable habitat and food sources for our wildlife. Some trees are the ONLY habitat for certain species. Higher levels of tree cover are associated with increased property prices, higher economic activity and improved health. Trees are much more than greenery. Without them our living environments become sterile and unwelcoming, our countryside becomes barren, and we loose something valuable from our lives. Our best trees when cared for appropriately, make majestic and stately focal points in the landscape and form part of the legacy we leave to future generations.

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How we care for trees

We believe that education is the key to successful tree management. Through practical competency training (NPTC and LANTRA qualifications), a sound grounding in theoretical aspects of arboriculture (college courses, RFS qualifications etc.) and through structured ‘on the job’ training we aim to have the most highly proficient work force in the area. Our professionals know how to care for trees and will demonstrate that knowledge to you. All our work is conducted to the relevant British Standards (for example BS3998:1989 Recommendations for Treework), in accordance with industry best practise (described in AFAG guides from the HSE), and in a manner that complies with current statutory law (such as the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974). To ensure that we continue to work at the highest levels of the industry we’re members of ConFor, the Arboricultural Association, and the Federation of Small Businesses.

How we care for the environment

Woodland-restoration-150x150Environmental responsibility is woven into the fabric of all our activities. First and foremeost, we care for trees: we take every opportunity to increase their number, enhance their appearance and promote their health. Some of our other initiatives include: Recycling: Over 95% of arisings from tree work are turned into useful products (see our recycled products page). We’re licensed for carriage of green waste by the Environment Agency, and also hold a ‘Paragraph 21 Exemption’ for the storage of woodchip. We observe the requirements of the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981 & as amended) and the Conservation of Species and Habitats Regulations (2010). Birds and their eggs are not disturbed during the nesting season, and we’ve received training in bat awareness from the Bat Conservation Trust. We’re actively restoring an ancient woodland site in Wales, slowly removing recent conifer plantations as they come to maturity and replacing them with native woodland species. The trees removed are used for timber, pulp or biomass. And there are many, many more small things we do that we hope makes the C Trees difference…

How we care for you

We understand that contracting a tree specialist is a big decision for you and that you want to know you’re in safe hands. We’re very highly qualified in both the practical and theoretical aspects of arboriculture. We have an ongoing commitment to train our staff and provide opportunities for continuing professional development so that you always receive up to date advice. We’re fully insured with £5m public liability, £10m employer’s liability, and £2m professional indemnity insurances. All our activities are subject to comprehensive generic and site-specific risk assessments. At the start of every job a careful assessment is carried out which is communicated to all our staff. The relevant parts of the assessment will be communicated to you aswell, so you know that we’ll keep you and your property safe. Your phone calls or e-mails will be responded to within 48 hours (unless we’re on holiday!), and you’ll receive prompt attention at all times. We’ll always keep our appointments or let you know beforehand if we can’t. We’ll keep you informed at all stages, and treat you with courtesy and respect. We’ll solve any problems that arise so that you’re not troubled. Reports will be well written in plain English, and presented in a clear format. On the rare occasion that something does go wrong, we’ll put it right at our own expense.

Click here to see related documentation- Conservation Areas and Tree Preservation Orders We’ll also take on the hassle of making any applications for permission to carry out work in Conservation Areas or on trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders click here to see consultancy

Who we are

Richard and Sally

Richard and Sally

Experiencing redundancy for the first time after 16 years leading pharmaceutical research projects, Richard embarked on a new career in arboriculture and with his wife, Sally, established C Trees Ltd. in 2007. Both Richard & Sally originate from rural areas of the country. Richard’s family have links with both English & Welsh farming communities. The directors have owned and managed a small woodland in Pembrokeshire since 2005 and have successfully attracted grant funding from the Forestry Commission, Welsh Assembly Government, and ConFor.

Our qualifications:

Richard Wilson – BSc (Hons), PhD., Cert. Arb. (RFS), A. Arbor. A.

NPTC Competencies: CS30 Chainsaw operation & maintenance
CS31 Fell small trees up to 15” diameter
CS32 Fell medium trees up to 30” diameter
CS34 Fell windblown trees
CS35 Fell multiple windblown trees
CS38 Climb trees using rope & harness
CS39 Use chainsaw from rope & harness
AO6 Brushwood chipper operation
PA1/6a Pesticide application
LANTRA Training AA/BCT Bat Awareness
Woodfuel production and supply
Sally Worsley – Msc., FIBMS