Moss Wood – Woodland Restoration


Moss Wood is a 15 acre plantation established on the site of a native ancient woodland. C Trees Ltd are restoring this woodland with the Forestry Commission under their better woodlands for Wales grant scheme.

Better Woodlands for Wales

The following is taken from the Forestry Commission’s BWW web site: The Woodland Strategy Vision for Wales over the next 50 years is:

“Wales will be known for high-quality woodlands that enhance the landscape, are appropriate to local conditions and have a diverse mixture of species and habitats that will provide real social and community benefits, support thriving woodland-based industries and contribute to a better quality environment throughout Wales.”

Better Woodlands for Wales is the new Forestry Commission Wales (FCW) grant scheme designed to meet that vision. The scheme has been developed in consultation with woodland owners and their agents as well as our partner organisations. As a result, the new scheme places greater emphasis on good quality woodland management and offers grants specially designed for Welsh woodlands. Grant aid is now based upon an approved long term management plan. This plan must meet the minimum standards under the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme. Four features of Moss Wood requiring particular attention are:


Management Plan

Click here to view the management plan. Details are also viewable via the Forestry

Commission’s public registers. Click here to view the planning approval for the tracks.

The links below show maps describing our initial planning. Compare these with the actual management plan to see how the BWW process matches the desires of the owners with the objectives of FCW.


Scheduled work

Feb 2007 – Erection of signs (completed), clear windblow (largely completed July), clear drainage channels (Autumn). May 2007 – CS30/31 training (chainsaw use, of small trees & related operations) with Tree Worker Training, Fakenham. (Completed). August 2007 – CS38/39 training (climb trees, aerial rescue & use of chainsaw from rope & harness) with Proclimber, Abergorlach. (Completed). December 2008 – Cert Arb (theory) exams – (Passed with Distinction) February 2009 – PA1/6a training and assessment (Completed). March 2009 – Trackway installation (underway). Approval under General Development Order granted. Jan 2009 – June 2010 – Professional Diploma in Arboriculture with Treelife Training. (Underway)

Anticipated work

Winter 2009-10 Clearfell Western Hemlock / Spruce. Restock native tree mix. Clear laurel.


os Landranger 145. Grid Reference: SN2005, 4048

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