There’s a lot more to planting a tree than simply sticking it in the ground! Our expertise will help you get it right from the outset, ensuring that you choose and successfully establish beautiful trees. We can advise and assist with planning, preparing contracts, species selection, site preparation, stock selection, the actual planting, protection and aftercare. We’re thorough and meticulous with the result that your plants will thrive.


Careful and sympathetic pruning is difficult to achieve and should only be undertaken by experienced professionals. Bad pruning destroys the visual amenity of trees for a lifetime, can promote disease entry or even weaken the tree so severely that it ultimately dies. Poor pruning can also provoke the tree into producing unwanted or weakly attached suckers, known as epicormic growth. As with planting, we’re thorough and meticulous. We can carry out the full range of pruning treatments on trees of all sizes:

Crown Lifting

where lower branches are removed to create light and space below the tree

Crown Reduction

where the outermost extent of the branches are pruned back to suitable shoot or bud to make the tree smaller. This is very difficult and time consuming to get right as every branch must be carefully shortened.

Crown Thinning

where branches are removed throughout the crown to create a lighter, more airy tree and allow a dappled light through.

Crown Clear out

commonly performed on Sorbus and Prunus species where the crown becomes congested with new shoots.

Target pruning

careful selection and removal of particular branches causing a nuisance or posing a particular hazard. This is performed by shortening the limb successively until a final cut at the branch collar can be performed.

Topping / lopping

not recommended but we all know what it means! Can be performed on certain species but always consult an expert.


this is an ancient tree management technique that must be started early in a tree’s life. The crown is removed to leave a single stem or skeleton framework from which new shoots emerge. These are removed some years later and the cycle begins again. Certain species cannot be pollarded. Attempting it for the first time on a mature tree is likely to result in its death.


another ancient tree management technique that’s enjoying something of a renaissance. The tree is cut to a short stump from which new shoots emerge. These are removed some years later and the cycle begins again. Coppice growth makes fantastic habitat for birds and woodland mammals.
a specialist technique where hedge plants grow to small trees, are cut partially from the stump and layed down. New upright growth emerges and the process is repeated until a dense hedge results. Again, fantastic habitat for our native birdlife.

Hedge laying

Hedge trimming

you know what this is!

Tree Removal


Where space allows, the most cost-effective way to fell a tree is from the ground: However, more often than not, trees have to come down in confined spaces avoiding damage to people and property and so a climber will enter the tree and dismantle it, piece-by-piece. Each section is then carefully lowered to the ground. Additional machinery such as hydraulic platforms or cranes may be needed to safeguard you, your property and our staff. These are very highly specialised operations requiring the utmost care.
Some of the notable trees we’ve removed include:

• Lombardy Poplar, 22m tall, pollard, into a 4.5m x 7m garden in Welwyn GC
• Beech tree, 16m tall, full removal (dying), close to buildings in Baldock
• Birch tree, 16m tall, full removal, overhanging a house in Bishops Stortford.
• Hybrid Black Poplars, 22m tall, major construction site, Hendon

… and at the other end of the scale:
• Tree fern, 2.5m tall, garden near Hitchin

Pesticide application & Stump treatment

Under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) (1986 & as amended 1997), pesticides (including stump treatments) must be applied by suitably qualified individuals holding a recognised certificate of competence. We’re qualified and equipped to conduct such operations, and Richard’s background in pharmaceutical science adds another level of expertise.

Stump removal (Stump grinding)


We can undertake the removal of stumps of all sizes. Larger stumps (over 12” diameter) will require 36” of access through gates / alleys. Please speak to us about your requirements.

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